The float flow meter measurement of metal pipe should pay at
2019-06-11 17:41:08

In order to be accurate and reliable measurement accuracy, the installation of metal tube rotameter is a very important link, only the correct installation is ensure that basic problems. But the precision is relatively high metal tube rotameter, the installation process, the need to pay attention to still have a lot of. In order to make the metal tube rotameter in use process can achieve a certain measurement accuracy, in the installation process, must pay attention to the following points:

The metal tube rotameter should be installed in the process pipeline, and must install bypass pipes and valves on the side, as well as to when the detection of repair, replacement and cleaning of pipe flow better, for metal tube rotameter daily inspection work more convenient.

Filter is arranged between the mounting of the magnetic filter and valve and tube, which can also be made in the use of flowmeter, can smoothly with a magnetic presence of the substance of medium filter, medium if containing solid impurities through the filter, time can also be filtered out.

Install the valve in the outlet of a meter, it is in order to be able to do in the gas flow measurement, not from flowmeter export directly discharged, if the direct emissions at the exit of words, very easy to cause the pressure decreases, resulting in data loss effect.

The energizer avoid instrument installation in direct sunlight, so the liquid crystal display instrument damage, will make LCD life greatly reduced.

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